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Pineapple Sunshine Cake

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This cake has quickly become a family and work favorite. It's light and refreshing!.. This is a lovely cake and one that I am proud to have made. :-) I can see why it was suggested as a good cake for a baby shower.. the frosting is soooo heavenly. I did make my frosting with real whipping cream as I don't care for cool whip whipped topping... and I didn't add any sugar just the pudding mix and the pineapple with it's juice and it was plenty sweet. I too found that the cake refrigerates well.. it's quite tasty today.. the day after the party. Mine was not dry at all, but I kept a very careful eye on it and did not rely only on the timer to know it was done. Oh and I was feeling anxious as I was putting all the pineapple and the juice into the bowl with my whipped cream til I realized that the pudding mix would absorb the juice just fine and that the recommendation to make the frosting and refrigerate it for awhile to let it set up was a very good idea. So, I did that and frosted the cake just before serving it. It was a big hit. I know that I can make this cake anytime and my family and friends will happily eat it up.

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