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Strawberry Cream Cheese Danish

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Not bad! I took the harder approach and sliced the canned crescent rolls into 40 slices (20/roll). Made the whole filling amount w/exact ingredients listed and added 1/2 T. of sifted flour to stabilize it, had about 1/4 c. left over. The crescent rolls lack the true flavor of danish pastry (buttery/sugary), so next time I'll beat 1 egg w/1 T. water, brush the rounds and sprinkle w/a little sugar before filling them. When you make them this way (rounds vs. sheet-style), they take about 15 min. Watch them closely, and let them get golden brown for more of a bakery effect. I put about 1/2 T. of filling (before baking!)after indenting middle of the crescent rounds - was more than enough, and they will settle (shrink) a little when cool. I used parchment paper on the baking sheets - worth the investment, cleanup's a breeze! Also - the glaze was very stiff, but you want it that way to firm up like a frosting. An easier way to drizzle them is: 1) Make the glaze in a micro-safe dish, nuke for 5-10 seconds (watch closely, don't boil it - just want to make the glaze "pourable"), use a funnel to put it in a squeeze bottle, and drizzle away on COOLED pastries (so it doesn't run, makes it more authentic). I may try next time with puff pastry rounds in a muffin pan. Your friends will be impressed..

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