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Peanut Butter Cookie Brownies

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Fantastic Brownies! This is quite a refreshing change from the usual chocolate brownies, and it was very enjoyable! It was easily made in about a hour for me, and even though I am not too fond of peanut butter, I couldn't stop eating these!

HELPFUL TIPS WHEN BAKING TO PREVENT HARD EDGES: I cover the pan with foil and with a knife... I cut out a big square in the middle so just 2" all around the edges is covered w/foil, so the edges are AS chewy as the middle. I double this recipe and it takes about 35-45 min to bake. I just wait for it to spring back as indicated and be a nice golden color (check the very center b/c that's where it will be gooey if not done). I add eyeball amount of chocolate chips on top before baking which I think is goodness. Or you can melt a chocolate glaze/frosting on top after it's done which also tastes delicious. I freeze the leftovers but definitely make double the amount using the suggestion of doubling all ingred. but adding 1/3C MORE pb, 2T LESS butter, and 1/3C LESS flour (so 1C + 2/3C). Excellent each time!

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